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Your story is our story.

Let's face it. Not only are times changing, they are changing quickly and constantly. No one knows that better than today's design & building professionals. But, too often you are so busy designing the world, you forget to design your future.

Wouldn't it be reassuring to work with a consultant who has been in your shoes and has experienced the cyclical challenges of economic downturns and explosive growth? In both cases, there never seems to be enough time to stop and think about how the present intersects the future. But, it is in these moments when we need to pay the most attention.

Our philosophy.
[create+lead+solve] helps organizations gain clarity and a fuller awareness of their business challenges. We seek to identify actions that can be taken that will successfully accomplish a goal or objective. As we work together, we will help guide you and your team through the process of leveraging your strengths as well as overcoming your weaknesses.

Our approach.
Many organizations quickly move to the solution space before fully understanding the "problems behind the problem." We work with teams and individuals to uncover assumptions and perceptions that influence how problems are defined and addressed. Assessments and team building exercises are used to reveal interdependencies and to show how each team member contributes to the solution.

As an architect and the owner of [create+lead+solve], Robin Bellerby has spent the majority of her career guiding individuals and teams to become the best they can be at what they do for the architectural profession. She brings a unique perspective that can relate to both creative and technical minded people. Her strengths lie in simplifying complex issues by being able to zoom out to see the big picture and then zooming in to see particular issues in more detail. This balance between strategic and operational thinking enables her to bring creative solutions to the discussion.

[create+lead+solve] can assist your organization with leadership development, team building, strategic planning, and change initiatives.

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